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Railway Employees Killed on Duty - Search

Many men who lost their lives on duty were young and might have been expected to have many years in front of them.
A sad example is Edgar Bond, who died after a shunting accident in Northam.
Below we see Edgar and his bride Mary Bonser on their wedding day in 1904. But Edgar was killed less than two years later, his young bride left pregnant with a daughter who would never know her father.


Do you know the name of a person fatally injured on WA railways?

At least 370 railway employees have lost their lives while at work from 1879 to the present. You can see a list of all the names we have found so far here.

You can use the search form below to find what further information we have located.

Readers are advised that contemporary newspaper reports, particularly those prior to 1920, sometimes contain explicit descriptions of the injuries sustained by the deceased person. Some readers may find these descriptions offensive and in bad taste by today's standards. However, they reflect the norms of the times and are reproduced as found.

Your search will include the following fields in our data base: Year, Surname, Given Names, Designation and Location.


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Common abbreviations used:
CR - Commonwealth Railways
L & S - Line and Signal
M K & J Co. - Millars Karri & Jarrah Company
MRWA - Midland Railway Company
M T & T - Millars Timber and Trading
PW - Permanent Way
TAR - Trans Australia Railway
UDRR - Upper Darling Range Railway