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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P01701190 viewsQ class 62, 4-6-0, Midland Junction, ER line, side and front view. Same as 9476
P01702197 viewsTram track intersection, Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie
P01703205 viewsD class 5, 0-4-0 hauling the Leonora-Gwalia tram, front and side view.
P01704210 viewsKalgoorlie station yard, looking east, lever frame, passenger carriages, goods wagons, sheds.
P01705217 viewsKalgoorlie station yard, looking west, passenger platforms, sheds, water column, signal posts.
P01706156 viewsO class 84, front and side view, coal stage, cheese knob.
P01707177 viewsN class 263, Perth, ER line, rear and side view
P01708206 viewsGM class 2, arriving at Kalgoorlie dock platform, water tower, Commonwealth Railways (CR) rolling stock alongside.
P01709166 viewsL class 489, crew posing in front of the tender, H. Tower first on the right
P01710218 viewsPinjarra, looking north towards Perth from the footbridge, island platform, gooseneck lamp post, water column, signals, SWR line.
P01711269 viewsStation buildings Pinjarra, looking south from the footbridge, nameboard, loco and carriage sheds, water column, passenger platform, "Change Here for Hotham Valley Branch" sign, signals, SWR line.
P01712218 viewsPR class 524 "Fitzroy" on the Westland, Cunderdin, EGR line, end platform second class carriage, front and side view.
P01713189 viewsADF class diesel railcar, also known as the "Wildflower" class, chevron painted front, inside the East Perth diesel shed, front view
P01714208 viewsW class 953, East Perth, side view including crew. ER line.
P01715195 viewsDS class 385 on goods train, signals, Russel Street Crossing, Perth Yard looking east
P01716222 viewsZ class 1151, shunting Perth goods, West Perth, side and end view, ER line.
P01717188 viewsADF class diesel railcar, also known as the "Wildflower" class, chevron painted front, inside the East Perth diesel shed, front view
P01718267 viewsFremantle station, looking towards Perth, showing the "overall" roof, ER line.
P01719292 viewsLooking eastwards from East Perth (Claisebrook) station, view from footbridge, multiple tracks, points, signals, ER line.
P01720260 viewsPR class 523 or 528, heading the Up Westland, Bellevue, ER line, front and side view, platform, signals, sheds, brakevans, carriages.
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