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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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T04941146 viewsAA class 1518 on goods train, platform, station building, nameboard, man on station, Meckering, EGR line, view along the train down the platform.
T0494296 viewsOre loading bins, conveyors, stop sign, Koolyanobbing, EGR line, view from track level
T04943123 viewsDerelict platform, station building, old Northampton railway station, GA line
T04944151 viewsPlatform, station building, fence, Coolup, SWR line, view down the main line towards Waroona
T04945194 viewsStation yard, station building, platform, rakes of vans and wagons, water tower, 25,000 gallon cast iron tank, bracket signals, loading gauge, goods shed, Wagin, GSR line, view towards Katanning
T04946134 viewsL class 268, on No 1204 freight train, passing under flyover, level crossing, light signal, Bodallin, EGR line
T04947152 viewsMRWA C class 18, with "Railway Historical Society" headboard, signal box, rodding, bracket signals, Midland, ER line, front and side view.
T04948145 viewsP class 505, on No 102 goods train, road, level crossing, shops, departing Kellerberrin, EGR line
T04949130 viewsDiesel loco, in green livery with red and yellow stripe, on rail train comprising flat wagons and van, near Burracoppin, EGR line
T04950121 viewsRA class 1915, on train loading salt including XNG class wagon 19, Lake Lefroy, CE line
T04951159 viewsGoods shed, station building, level crossing, points, sidings, various wagons, Esperance, CE line
T04952128 viewsWCA class DMU special royal "Prospector", with HRH Prince Charles aboard, suburban DMU, sidings, Perth skyline, ER line
T04953133 viewsC class 1701, X class 1010 "ARAWODI", Midland, ER line, side and end view
T04954155 viewsStation yard, station building, water tower, sidings, vans, wagons, goods shed, wheat bins, hotel, shops, Doodlakine, EGR line, long view from elevated position
T04955124 viewsDA class 1572, on No 18 freighter including flat bed wagons, tanker wagons, and vans, crossing culvert, power line pylon, near Woodbridge, ER line
T04956128 viewsW class 936, on No 107 goods train, taking on water, crossing P class 505 on No 108 goods train, water tower, wheat bins, Williams, BN line
T04957122 viewsRA class 1913, on wood chip train, road crossing, near Kirup, PP line
T04958116 viewsL class 261, rake of wagons loaded with rails, dual gauge tracks, points, Jumperkine, Avon Valley line,
T04959119 viewsRA class 1912, mounted on WFL class transporter wagon 30060 and WFL transporter wagon 30059, crane, wheat silo, shed, workers, West Merredin, EGR line
T04960124 viewsEx MRWA G class 51, original MR livery, side and end view
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