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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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T04861113 viewsDerailment, X class 1030 "MOOROON" in green livery with red and yellow stripe, GM class 15812, GM class 15631, and another wagon, point indicator, slip points, Spring Hill, EGR line
T04862126 viewsRail yard, loading ramp, crane, points, point lever, sidings, goods shed, assorted wagons, signal, Norfolk Island pines, Esperance, CE line
T0486392 viewsDerailment of No1304, rake of wagons, front end loader, near Jumperkine, Avon Valley line, view into cutting
T0486499 viewsWater tower with a 25,000 gallon cast iron tank, sheds in the cream and brown paint scheme, points, siding, signal, Yellowdine, EGR line
T0486588 viewsRailway houses, Tambellup, TO line
T0486683 viewsH class 2 in light blue and dark blue livery with yellow stripe, on narrow gauge bogies for trip to shops, side view
T0486790 viewsYardmaster's building, various wagons, workers, West Kalgoorlie, EGR line
T04868114 viewsCCE barracks building, rake of wagons, inspectors utility No 73, caravan, Toodyay West, CM line
T0486993 viewsStation yard, road crossing, platform, station building, points, signals, sidings, goods shed, Wagin, ground level view
T04870106 viewsTwo car DMU including ADK class 683, pedestrian overpass, road, West Perth, ER line. Second last day before 1979 closure of Fremantle line.
T04871102 viewsStone subway, east of Coolgardie, EGR line, subway level view
T0487291 viewsGoods shed, station buildings, Margaret River, BB line
T04873117 viewsK class 201, with 3 other K class diesels, on a flint stone or iron ore train, platforms, station building, bracket signals, signal, carpark, river, Northam, ER line, view from elevated position, train coming towards camera
T0487481 viewsS class 545 "Dale", driver, worker, front and side view.
T0487596 viewsG class 123 and FS class 461, double heading tour train, stopped in cutting, tour passengers looking on, Slippery Cut, BN line
T0487697 viewsUpper Swan River Bridge, wooden trestle, tourists walking over it, 8 miles from Midland Junction, MR line, view from river level
T0487798 viewsMotor vehicle with corrugated iron roof, on rails, wooden wagon, wooden buildings, wooden platform, Millars Workshops, Yarloop, SWR line
T04878125 viewsP M class 717, and another PM type class loco, double heading goods train, signal box, platforms, station buildings, pedestrian overpass, bracket signals, signal gantry, signal, pile of sleepers, North Fremantle, ER line, view from elevated position
T04879121 viewsStation yard, TA class 1814, on maintenance train, workers, signals, points, point levers, sidings, goods shed, station building, platform, road crossing, Katanning, track level view
T04880120 viewsA class 1505 on No 99 goods train, passing alongside shallow standard gauge cutting, between Tammin and Bungulla, EGR line
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