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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P00720263 viewsV class 1206. coal train, loco running tender first, between Picton and Brunswick Junction, SWR line
P00721334 viewsMSA class 491 Garratt loco, Bunbury loco depot, side and end view
P00722231 viewsMRWA D class 19, MR line, three water tank wagons behind the loco, goods train
P00723407 viewsXA class 1416 "NILIGARA", upper quadrant automatic signal, near Swan View, ER line, exiting tunnel, with "The Westland"
P00724272 viewsADE class 451 "Governor Bedford" with an ADT class 7 trailer at Midland Junction, same as P7477
P00725211 viewsB class 14, side view, "Workshops Yard Only" written on the side of the tank, side view, same as P0006
P00726251 viewsMRWA D class 19, brakevan, "pigsty" bridge, van being pushed over the bridge
P00727275 viewsE class 299, with out of gauge load of water tanks, Karalee, EGR line, front and side view of loco
P00728383 viewsL class 251, F class 398, piled up rolling stock, Swan View, ER line, aftermath of the tunnel derailment
P00729295 viewsM class or MS class Garratt loco, AB class 214 carriage, Korrelocking, GM line, derailment, same as P6699.
P00730231 viewsD class 1564, Daglish, goods train
P00731227 viewsD class 1561, Daglish, goods train
P00732203 viewsV class 1217, goods train, same train as in P0717 and P0719
P00733237 viewsS class 546 "Egerton" without name plate, between Collie and Brunswick Junction, BN line, goods train, FDM class van in consist
P00734235 viewsF class 45, Midland, goods train
P00735203 viewsPM class 716, goods train, advertising van in consist
P00736219 viewsPMR class 733, SWR line, goods train
P00737223 viewsPMR class 733, goods train, Cottesloe, Eric Street bridge in background
P00738244 viewsV class 1212, between Bowelling and Collie, BN line, goods train
P00739229 viewsV class 1212, between Bowelling and Collie, BN line, goods train
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