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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P2006163 viewsDiesel loco with roof removed, showing internal machinery including fan and generator from above, interior view from elevated position
P2006272 viewsWCA class railcar on the "Prospector", passengers, luggage, hostess serving drinks, interior view
P2006358 viewsWCA class railcar on the "Prospector", passengers, attendants serving drinks, interior view
P2006476 viewsDrawing, A class steam loco, as built, Robb's engine, side view
P2006568 viewsDrawing, AI class composite carriage, side view
P2006663 viewsDrawing, C class steam loco 1, as built, drawn by R. Minchin, side view
P2006763 viewsU class 651, on the "Australind", driver and fireman facing camera, point levers, sidings, pedestrian overpass, platform, canopy, Perth city station, SWR line, front and side view
P2006871 viewsMRWA F class 41 on goods train comprising wagons and vans, MRWA signal, side and front view
P2006961 viewsMRWA F class 40 on goods train comprising covered wagons and vans, MRWA style goods shed, boy peering at camera, rural setting, front and aside view
P2007064 viewsMRWA F class 41, covered wagon, onlooker leaning on loco, side and front view
P2007173 viewsNortham station and yard, looking west from signal box, 50000 gallon water tank, rakes of goods wagons and vans, signals (tops only), bracket signals, sidings, platform, ER line, view from elevated position
P2007266 viewsNortham station and yard, looking east from signal box, platform, canopy, sidings, rakes of goods wagons and vans, bracket signals, pedestrian overpass, goods shed, loading ramp, fixed crane, houses, ER line, view from elevated position
P2007380 viewsSteam hauled passenger train No 4, arriving at Northam from East Northam, houses, tracks, level crossing, signal, sidings, wagons, ER line, view from elevated position
P2007481 viewsScene of collision when No 6 passenger train ran into No 8 from Albany to Perth ES class 336, under remains of ZJ class 360, other passenger carriages, wheat bin, onlookers, Mt Kokeby, GSR line
P2007576 viewsScene of head-on collision, F class loco on AKRU 147 goods train southbound to Narrogin, head to head with E class loco on No 2 mixed northbound to Perth, derailed wagons, Mt Kokeby, GSR line, side on view
P2007679 viewsP class 444, severely damaged after derailing whilst on the Albany express No 8 passenger train when it hit a washaway and rolled over, being lifted, between Narrogin and Highbury, GSR line, track level view
P2007782 viewsASG class 26, derailed at subway, tender and rear drivers suspended above roadway, onlookers, Claremont, ER line
P2007861 viewsH class 22, on empty goods train, desert setting, PM line
P2007973 viewsPR class loco on the "Westland", about to depart from No 7 platform, canopy with "Sunday Times" advertisement, pedestrian overpass with "Foy's" advertisement, passengers, tracks, other rolling stock, signal, Perth city station, ER line, elevated view looking west
P2008073 viewsADE class "Governor" railcar with ADT class trailer, exiting Swan View tunnel, deviation under construction, ER line
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