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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P2002173 viewsAYD class 540 first class buffet car for the "Australind", canopy, overhead footbridge, Perth station, SWR line, side view
P2002261 viewsD class 1561, in green livery with red and yellow stripe, side and end view, similar to colour photo P03884
P2002358 viewsG class 137, on timber train, forest setting, side and front view
P2002481 viewsState Saw Mills loco No 6, with extended smokebox acquired whilst working for WA Manganese Co on their Meekatharra to Horseshoe line about 1932, on a karri log rake, crew, Treen Brook near Pemberton, front and side view
P2002568 viewsCS class 270 "Black Butte", on ARHS tour train straddling grade crossing, Wuraming, Banksiadale Railway, front and side view.
P2002655 viewsW class 936, front and side view
P2002775 viewsPort and yard, rakes of wagons, multiple tracks, points, sailing ships with masts, signals, trackside building, industrial buildings, Fremantle, ER line
P2002852 viewsTown of Denham, wharf, view across Freycinet Reach
P2002963 viewsWharf, boats, sightseers, sign prohibiting "Unauthorised use of trollies" Freycinet Reach, Denham.
P2003086 viewsStation and trackside buildings, track, points, siding, water tower, level crossing, Yellowdine, EGR line, track level view looking west
P2003172 viewsMillars G class type loco, No 58, on ARHS tour train, stopped in bush setting, passengers stretching their legs, side view from track level
P20032117 viewsThe Westland Passenger train stopped at Tammin due to floods. Station building, onlookers, town buildings, fields, sidings, points, van, goods shed, signals, truck parked across tracks, Tammin, EGR line, aerial view
P2003377 viewsK class 210, in two tone blue livery, on short freight train including vans and a flat wagon carrying RA class 1912, in green livery with red and yellow stripe, bush setting, side and front view from track level
P2003484 viewsDisused station building, platform, water tank, maroon Holden station sedan on platform, overgrown track with rock on it, view along platform
P20035103 viewsRA class 1907 on No 72 mixed "Mullewa", detaching goods vehicles before proceeding to Perth with few remaining passenger cars, platform, signal box, bracket signals, rakes of vans, shed, trackside buildings, Midland, ER line
P20036102 viewsStation and yard, station building, platform, points, sidings, rakes of goods wagons, goods shed, worker, Tambellup, GSR line, view from down home signal looking south
P20037116 viewsX class 1025 in the International Safety orange livery, propelling breakdown train which includes breakdown crans Nos 23 and 31 to Jumperkine including yellow cars, vans, mobile cranes, on wrong line - down main, Avon Valley line, side and end view
P2003893 viewsH class 1 on Kalgoorlie to Kwinana Rehabilitation Project rail train, including van and flat wagons loaded with rails, on wrong line, Avon Valley line, end and side view
P2003976 viewsA class 1511, on the "Westland", halted at station, passengers on platform, three point levers in foreground, front and side view
P20040131 viewsX class 1011 "BALGUA" in green livery, PM class loco double heading No 59 down goods train, station building, platform, trackside buildings, signals, water column, points, sidings, rakes of wagons, vans, goods shed, road truck, Goomalling, EM line, front on view from elevated position
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