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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1876148 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5510, M636 class 5487, C36-7M class 5513, M636 class 5469 -190 car train. Behind M636 class 5473, 5498,5471 250 car Locotrol at Newman.
P1876242 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5512 "Hesta" on low loader arriving Newman after rebuild at Goninan's. Rebuilt from C636 class 5465.
P1876342 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5512 "Hesta" at Newman. Rebuilt by Goninan from C636 class 5465.
P1876438 viewsMt Newman (MNM) M636 class 5504, 5571 haul a 240 Locotrol ore car at Gidgi.
P1876534 viewsMt Newman (MNM) a 192 car train departs Newman with Mt Whaleback mine in background. Photo shows the entire length of train hauled by 3 locomotives.
P1876632 viewsMt Newman (MNM) a triple headed loaded ore train snakes through the Chichester Ranges near Garden siding.
P1876738 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5507(lead loco), M636 class 5471(rear loco) haul a 192 car train past the 228kp.
P1876839 viewsMt Newman (MNM) M636 class 5481 at sunset Newman
P1876936 viewsMt Newman (MNM) M636 class 5471 - cab view of locomotive repainted in lighter orange livery.
P1877042 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5506 "Mt Whaleback" (on left), C36-7M class 5507 "Ethel Creek" at Newman.
P1877137 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5506 "Mt Whaleback", M636 class 5475, 5471 loaded ore train at 227 km near Hesta.
P1877241 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5510 "Newman", M636 class 5481, 5470 haul loaded iron ore train through Kalgan.
P1877341 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5507 "Ethel Creek" leads 2 other M636 class locomotives on a 145 car loaded ore train near 226 kp. Photo shows mountain ranges in background.
P1877445 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M 5507 "Ethel Creek" close up of locomotive, framed by a ghost gum.
P1877539 viewsMt Newman (MNM) CM39-8 class 5631 "Apollo", C636 class 5454, M636 class 5471 at Newman
P1877649 viewsMt Newman (MNM) CM39-8 class 5631 "Apollo", C636 class 5454, M636 class 5471 at loadout Tunnel 1 Newman
P1877742 viewsMt Newman (MNM) CM39-8 class 5631 "Apollo", C36-7M class 5511 "Port Hedland", M636 class 5473 haul a 240 car Locotrol train through a cutting at 398kp.
P1877836 viewsMt Newman (MNM) CM39-8 class, C36-7M class, M636 class haul 240car loaded ore train past 403 kp. Full train in photo.
P1877944 viewsMt Newman (MNM) C36-7M class 5509 "Chichester" leads another C36-7M class arrive at OreBody 25 mine - 408kp.
P1878045 viewsBHP Iron Ore (BHPIO) CM40-8M class 5634 "Boodarie" new locomotive (blue livery) on commissioning test trial at Newman. Rebuilt by Goninan from C636 class 5457.
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