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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1662177 views3 of 3 images of PTA U class 201, in Coote Industries livery, Bassendean loop, side and front view
P1662296 viewsA class 15, fitted with a Rotheram chimney, Salters safety valves, box headlight, with driver and others, Picton Junction, SWR line, rear and side view, c1902-1905
P16623125 viewsA class 31, decorated with flags and foliage, with various onlookers, Busselton, BB line, front and side view, c1897-1899
P16624108 viewsMRWA tank loco "Geraldton", hauling MRWA railway materials from Edward Keane's depot at west end of town, Marine Terrace, Geraldton, side and rear view
P16625103 viewsSteam loco "No 1" (later "M 23")(Kitson No 2035/1875), with various persons posing beside it, Geraldton, c1870s
P1662667 viewsEx PWD loco "Kaiser" (Ruhrthaler No 161/1912), Wyndham Port, side and front view
P1662765 viewsEx PWD loco "Kaiser" (Ruhrthaler No 161/1912), Wyndham Port, rear and side view
P1662864 viewsEx PWD loco "Kaiser" (Rurhthaler No 161/1912), Wyndham Port, front view
P1662983 viewsJessup & Appleby steam crane, made in England, buffer, Wyndham Port, front and side view
P1663064 viewsHerbert Morris steam crane "Wyn", made at Loughborough in England, Wyndham Port, side and front view
P1663177 viewsXB class 1008 in Westrail orange with blue and white stripe livery, coupled to another similar diesel in same livery, partly obscured by roof of small trackside platform, semaphore signals, photo taken from wagon of a Hotham Valley tour train, side and front view
P1663287 viewsXB class 1004 "KADJERDEN" and XA class 1403 "WANBIRI", double heading goods train to Hyden, near Pederah, LH line, view from rear of train
P1663398 viewsXA class 1403 "WANBIRI" and XB class 1004 "KADJERDEN", double heading wheat train from Newdegate, semaphore signals, level crossing, truck, "30"sign, arriving at Lake Grace, WLG line
P1663483 viewsXA class 1403 "WANBIRI" and XB class 1004 "KADJERDEN", double heading wheat train from Newdegate, near Beenong, WLG line
P16635151 viewsX class 1023 "KARIERA", hauling ex Tasmanian SSD class cars and SSS class cars from Robbs Jetty to Pinjarra, Spearwood Junction, FA line, motorised gangers trolley with an enclosed driver's position on the adjacent line.
P1663683 viewsThree ex Tasmanian red and cream passenger cars, covered wagon, yellow brakevan, shipping and ocean in background, Leighton, ER line, side and end view
P1663778 viewsHVR W class 920 with "T" headboard, on excursion train, pedestrian crossing, cycle path, Port Authority building, Fremantle, FA line, side and front view from an elevated position
P1663869 viewsHVR SSS passenger car 6 "Karri", other carriages, volunteers, Hotham Valley Railway, side view
P1663968 viewsHVR W class loco, Z class 1152, SSD passenger car 2 "Marri", trackwork, Hotham Valley Railway
P1664063 viewsCBHS class 01081C grain hopper, CBHS class 01040H grain hopper, on UGL loop, Rail Transport Museum, Bassendean, end and side view
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