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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1810155 viewsV class 1220, on goods train, platforms and canopies, Horseshoe Bridge, Perth city station, c1966
P1810249 viewsV class 1220, on goods train, signal, Perth, c1966
P1810377 viewsW class 908 & 927 steam locomotives at the head of a RESO train at Cambray. BN line. Water tower at left with pump house beneath.
P1810468 viewsA class 1509 diesel locomotive hauling The Westland into Perth Station. ER line. Gantry signal frame over mid train, semaphore signal to right and trackage on left. Royal Perth Hospital is large building in background.
P1810572 viewsAB class 1533 diesel locomotive, on standard gauge transfer bogies, being shunted into Midland Workshops by an unidentified K class standard gauge diesel. ER line.
P1810657 viewsPMR class 724 steam locomotive with 26 goods train arriving Yarloop to cross 21 Goods. SWR line. Front and side view of locomotive. XA class coal wagons behind locomotive.
P1810767 viewsW class 947 and PR class 538 steam locomotives arriving Narrogin from Wickepin. NM line. Note the automatic signals to the right.
P1810849 viewsW class 920 and an unidentified S class steam locomotives at the head of a goods train at an Unknown location. Front and side view of leading locomotive.
P1810960 viewsV class 1224 steam locomotive off 56 goods at Leighton. Standard gauge wheat hopper wagons and Indian Ocean in background.
P1811082 viewsA class 1502 diesel locomotive hauling The Kalgoorlie at Tunnel Junction approaching the tunnel. ER line. Bogie covered vans between locomotive and carriages.
P1811175 viewsBE class 20620 and an unidentified BE class cattle wagons loaded on a WFL class 30059 standard locomotive transport wagon. Location Unknown.
P18112102 viewsX class 1022 "KARDAGUR", X class 1031 "YAUERA", Z class 1151 and XB class 1027 "MARANGAL" diesel locomotives stowed at Midland Workshops yard. X 1022 apparently involved in accident as front cowcatcher has been removed and front windows damaged. In background is ALT class 5 track recorder car.
P1811365 viewsPR class 521 steam locomotive hauling 17 goods between Brookton and Pingelly. GSR line. Front view of locomotive and side view of locomotive and train.
P1811466 viewsAn unidentified DD class steam locomotive on a Fremantle bound suburban train crossing over the Swan River via the Fremantle railway bridge. ER line. Limited water traffic on river.
P1811582 viewsA class 1503 diesel locomotive hauling a goods train through Midland Station enroute to Fremantle. ER line. Part of station canopy and semaphore signals to left, B class diesel hydraulic shunting locomotive in background with a written off Z type brakevan up against the dead end.
P1811656 views1 of 4 Hamersley Iron 6062 class diesel locomotive being road hauled from Kewdale to Dampier. Loco is spread across 2 trailers.
P1811752 views2 of 4 Hamersley Iron 6062 class diesel locomotive being road hauled from Kewdale to Dampier. Note road traffic behind load.
P1811856 views3 of 4 Hamersley Iron 6062 class diesel locomotive being road hauled from Kewdale to Dampier. Height of load is evident in this view.
P1811947 views4 of 4 Hamersley Iron 6062 class diesel locomotive being road hauled from Kewdale to Dampier. View of cab front of locomotive.
P1812059 viewsDA class 1573 diesel locomotive at the head of an ARHS tour train to Jarrahdale prior to departure from Perth.
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