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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1602167 viewsWF class 30045, flat wagon, yellow, loaded with orange Chamberlain Champion 56 tractors, later reclassified to WFDY and others, end and side view,
P1602253 viewsBreakdown crane no 23, lifting bogie, two diesel locos in light blue with dark blue and yellow stripe livery, bogie on tracks, portion of U class 1730 wagon, view from track level
P1602366 viewsWFM class 30054, flat wagon, being loaded by crane with WMC containers, workers, WVX vans, later reclassified as WBAX, silos, side and end view from track level
P1602453 viewsStation building, platform, canopy, water tank, tracks, Cue, NR line
P1602551 viewsWMB class 34029, triple deck car carrier, later reclassified WMFY, loaded with motor cars, side and front view
P1602652 viewsCrane No. 23, 25 ton, lifting yellow WF class flat wagon, later reclassified to WFDY and others, on to flatbed wagon, other flat wagons already loaded with WFs, end and side view from track level
P1602758 viewsRake of flat wagons including WF class 30065, later reclassified as WFCY and others, loaded with Caterpillar earth moving machines, suited onlooker, end and side view from track level
P1602855 viewsWF class 30052, later reclassified as WFDY and others, standard gauge flat top wagon, yellow, side and end view
P1602951 viewsGHA class 18515, bulk grain wagon, yellow, end and side view
P1603053 viewsXE class 24441, mineral sands hopper, yellow, end and side view
P1603188 viewsWJD class 501, fuel tanker wagon with "Mobil" and flying red horse logo, Midland Workshops, end and side view
P1603253 viewsXC class 21064, bauxite hopper painted silver, Midland Workshops, side and end view
P1603362 viewsXW class 21312, grain hopper wagon, yellow, and two other XN class wagons, side and end view
P1603456 viewsQBE class 23652, bogie bolster wagon, end and side view
P1603557 viewsQW class 14529, ex W class loco tender underframe with container No 5979, side and end view, colour version of P00281
P1603657 viewsThree rail car set headed by ADG class, in red, white and green livery, crossing wooden trestle bridge over Swan River, Guildford, ER line
P1603771 viewsQUA class 25089 flat wagon, brown livery, with sheep container No 5326 and sheep container No 5451, empty, end and side view
P1603858 viewsE class 30, on rake comprising WV class 30701 van, later reclassified WBAX, WF class 30036 flat wagon, WO class wagon, on narrow gauge transfer bogies, end and side view
P1603954 viewsRCW class 2423 wagon with "Bulk Grain" painted on the side, red, side and end view
P1604048 viewsWO class 31201, iron ore wagon, side view
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