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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1510185 viewsZJ class 433 passenger brakevan, painted in passenger green and cream, situated at the end of a freight train. .
P1510276 viewsTwo former V class steam locomotive tenders utilised for use on the Weedex train.
P1510384 viewsFDP class 13622 covered van used for transport of poisons traffic and stencilled to return to Kewdale.
P15104114 viewsAn unidentified W class steam locomotive arriving York from the Quairading Branch line. YBK line. An unidentified X class diesel locomotive and V class steam locomotive at the loco depot together with GH class coal wagons at the coal stage and other wagons in the yard. Note the semaphore signal, yard lights and telephone pole.
P15105103 viewsV class 1205 steam locomotive and X class 1010 "ARAWODI" diesel locomotive stabled at York Loco depot. Front view of both locomotives, 2 road loco shed, coal stage and coal unloading shed. GSR line.
P1510679 viewsWaiting Room and other buildings on the platform
P1510771 viewsAn unidentified 3 car Prospector set travelling towards Perth in the Avon Valley. Cars are in original paint scheme and an overhead view of the cars roofing.
P1510892 viewsTraffic Office, Ladies Waiting Room and other buildings on the platform, derrick platform crane, goods shed 2nd Class with loading platform, note the length runner's trike at the platform. Northampton, GA line.
P1510988 views 'KATE' steam locomotive, Wyndham Meat Works shunter, moving loaded wagons at the wharf as a ship crane loads goods on-board.
P1511070 viewsPW 24 'Simplex' diesel mechanical locomotive. Location possibly Wyndham.
P1511175 viewsCossack Train shed pictured after a destructive 1898 cyclone. Note damage to trackage and buildings. Rollingstock appears untouched.
P1511280 viewsRoebourne horse tram is depicted opposite the Victoria Hotel, the first stopping point on the journey to Cossack
P1511375 viewsAn unidentified steam locomotive, Roebourne's first, pictured outside a tailor shop. Note the flat wagon with a water tank as a load and the low level passenger vehicle adjacent.
P1511479 viewsA horse drawn tram pictured in Broome with a sizeable crowd. Portion of the township in the background.
P1511583 viewsAn unidentified steam locomotive, Broome's first with a loaded tram car. Part of the 'housing estate' in the background.
P1511680 viewsA horse drawn tram at possibly Roebourne. Note the attire of the bystanders and tram driver.
P1511788 viewsThe remains of Roebourne's two locomotives lie derelict at Harvey Weir in November 1932.
P15118129 viewsG class 118 steam locomotive at the head of a short train on the Port Hedland - Marble Bar railway, PM line. The coach is AP class 154 on a trial run, the crew and the passengers are included in the photo. Front and side view of the loco and train.
P1511999 viewsG class 118, 4-6-0 steam locomotive with a goods train on the Port Hedland - Marble Bar Railway. Note the flat terrain. PM line
P15120107 viewsH class 22 steam locomotive performing shunting duties at Port Hedland preparing a train for Marble Bar. PM line
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