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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1780121 viewsRailmotor, three car set, suburban house, Koongamia, M line, front and side view
P1780214 viewsRailmotor, on 9:50 am Chidlow to Perth service, arriving at platform, bracket signals, pointwork, Bellevue station, ER line
P1780313 viewsADG class railcar 815, on Armadale to Perth suburban service, Armadale station, SWR line, front and side view
P1780418 viewsADF class railcar, with two ADU class trailers, on small bridge in the forest, National Park, ER line
P1780515 viewsPerth to Chidlow 'Wildflower' set enroute to Chidlow Great Eastern Highway at Bellevue. Unidentified power car and trailers. Rear view of train and note dual gauge trackwork in foreground. ER line.
P1780617 viewsA 3 car unidentified ADG/AYE/ADG suburban rail car set at Bellevue enroute to Koongamia. UDDR line. Note portion of station building and platform.
P1780715 viewsA 3 car unidentified ADG/AYE/ADG suburban railcar set from Armadale to Perth. SWR line. Station unidentified but may be Cannington.
P1780813 viewsADX class 670 suburban railcar at the head of a 3 car set at Perth Station. ER line. This railcar was painted in a blue and light grey paint scheme and was the only railcar so painted. Note the overhead footbridge in background with the lift tower above.
P1780913 viewsA 3 car unidentified ADG/AYE/ADG suburban rail car set at Koongamia prior to operating the last service from that station. UDDR line. Note portion of station building.
P1781014 viewsALT class 5 track recorder car, formerly Sentinel Steam railcar, pictured at the carriage sheds at Perth station. ER line.
P1781115 viewsADT class 10 & 11 trailer cars stowed at Gingin. These cars were utilised originally with the ADE class power car. MR line. Note the water tower in background.
P1781212 viewsADK class 682,681,688,687 railcars working a Midland to Perth service. ER line. The railcars are crossing the bridge over the Swan River at Guildford.
P1781312 viewsAn unidentified ADK/ADB railcar set crossing the railway bridge over the Swan River at Fremantle. ER line. The train is travelling to Perth.
P1781415 viewsAn unidentified 4 car ADK/ADB railcar set on a Perth bound suburban service departing Claremont. ER line. Note the semaphore signal sets, electrical boxes, end of platforms and trackage in the foreground.
P1781517 viewsXA class 1414 diesel locomotive on a ARHS tour train at Cunderdin. EGR line. Note station buildings with a shrub growing. Water tower in middle background. Front and side view of locomotive and side view of front of station building. See P14732.
P1781613 viewsXA class 1414 diesel locomotive on a ARHS Tour train crossing over the Meenaar grade crossing. EGR line. Side view of locomotive, leading vehicles of train and bridge construction.
P1781712 viewsPR class 529 steam locomotive at the head of a Goomalling bound Tour train proceeding through Horseshoe Hill cutting in the Avon Valley. ER line.
P1781818 views1 of 5 of ADK class 690 & 684 diesel railcars at Springhill on a ARHS tour service. Former ER line. The Guard is locking the staff door after performing safe working duties. Line in foreground is the main line to York. Note end view of railcar.
P1781919 views2 of 5 of ADK class 690&684 railcars at Clackline. Former ER line. Clackline was a junction for the Miling line. Note the station nameboard, railway house portion of platforms.
P1782010 views3 of 5 of ADK class 690 & 684 railcars pictured at the 'new' Northam Station. EGR line. Note the Refreshment signage attached to the awning and the metal steps allowing access to the railcars. Front view of railcar.
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